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Apr 16, 2012 at 7:59 PM


I was trying to do some system restores, but when I tried to backup the state, the backup document does not have the ASR SIF meta data while a system generated backup document does have the same section. Any one does have any information on that?

for example, system generated backup document..

 <COMPONENT componentType="filegroup" componentName="ASR" logicalPath="ASR">
<BACKUP_METADATA xmlns="" metadata="<AsrSif><Version AsrVersion="2.0"/><System MachineName=".......

But when we do the same via VSS, there is no "BACKUP_METADATA"! I think, from the documentation it says, unlike writer meta doc, backup meta doc is writable. So, the backup meta doc is inserted explicitly by system backup? It seems there is no way to read/write to backup meta doc via Alpha VSS now since the corresponding API's are IF 0'd.

Any way any one know how to generate ASR SIF meta doc, even for an explicit backup meta doc alteration for the restores?